Person. Painting from the series Small Paintings © 2015 KekeTop. Pigment ink and acrylic on canvas
Painting from the series Person - Small Paintings © 2015 KekeTop. Pigment ink and acrylic on canvas

KekeTop, also known as QueQueTop, is a multi-disciplinary visual artist: painter, printmaker, photographer and digital multimedia artist. Curious, he feels free to explore different mediums and approaches with entertainment and never takes himself seriously.

“From early on, I found it essential to maintain an open approach as far as stylistic devises and genre were concerned. This inclination was fostered by a duality in aesthetics wherein I had to reconcile my admiration of the classical European school with my enthusiasm for the American post-war movement. Though the intricate artisanship of Renaissance and Baroque paintings inspired me to perfect my skills and elaborate my symbolic vision, the locally dominant minimalist Scandinavian sensibility began to pervade my works.”

“Modern wiped free of signs and stripped of layered cultural associations was suddenly forced to cohabit a world filled with my more grandiose predilections.”

“Mostly it is my own sense of in completion and my sense of humor that accounts for my willingness to learn and reinvent. In reality, it is that very element of playfulness and joy in learning that has kept me interested all these years. Hopefully, interest is contagious. And, hopefully, the beneficial disease can be transmitted from gallery to gallery, from one country’s enthusiasts to another’s.”

Text by N'Goné Fall

KekeTop Motto: Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci

"Marginal slope" is a series of virtual collages, paintings, sculptures and manipulated photos by KekeTop. Unsubstantial Art! + Immaterial Images! + Incorporeal Objects! = Unactual Damage!